RedCity™ Creative Agency Inc. - Brand Stewards, Creative Leaders & Communications Partners


TV, Radio, OOH, Digital, Print - we got you covered. RedCity™ Creative is a full service outbound agency with everything under one roof - cohesive brand stewardship from start to finish.


From conception to strategy to execution - we love the challenge of crafting a message, guiding its delivery to the audience, monitoring its performance, and optimizing for success.


More than just a nice logo, some pretty colours and a typeface - a brand is a promise that extends to every level of your business. It is your culture and it is everything.

Public Relations

Stakeholder Mapping, Contingency Planning and a network of media contacts - RedCity™ Creative helps you to protect, manage and leverage your message across all media channels.


Sometimes your communications needs are a little more focused. RedCity™ Creative can help you pull together the pitch, investors package, or annual report that is sure to impress.

Market Research

Who is your audience? Perhaps you need a better view of the competitive landscape? Regardless, RedCity™ Creative can help collect and sift through all the data to keep you on course.


A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.


Regardless of the business you are in, we have no doubt you are great at what you do. Whether you're in real estate, the hospitality industry, manufacturing, or oil and gas - we are confident you are an expert at what you do and are passionate about your industry - otherwise why do it, right? 

But, just how well do you know your customer, your market, and your own brand? How do you speak to your clients? What is your brand promise? How do you plan and execute your marketing strategy to ensure the best results? Most importantly, in speaking with "your web guy" or the "uniform people" or perhaps the "social media gurus", is your brand consistantly represented or is it more fragmented than you would like to admit? 

That's where RedCity™ Creative can lend a helping hand. RedCity™ Creative provides effective communications consultation and production services. Our work and experience spans the entire communications spectrum - advertising, marketing, brand development, public relations, market research and governance related communicaitons. Among these communications segments, we strategize, plan, produce, design, develop, capture, edit, refine and measure. We're like the dispatcher for your communications fleet - RedCity™ Creative helps to direct and steward  your entire brand experience to your intended audience. 

Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.

Albert Einstein

Yes, we watch Netflix™ at lunch. Our office is adorned in superhero collectables and vintage cameras. We wear slippers around the office and we even have a Wookie. That's not to say that we don't take things seriously or work very hard - quite the contrary. We believe in fostering creativity in everything that we do, and that includes surrounding ourselves in an environment which sparks our imagination.

Creativity is about making unobvious connections between things - messaging, pop culture references, design styles, etc. 

Creativity is a strange thing - it can be nurtured and it can be set free, though it can rarely be tought or measured. Not to worry though, we have plenty of it to go around. We are always looking at the world askance - seeking a new perspective. We continually refine our creative skills - not just sitting in front of the computer - looking to combine classical mediums and the new digital reality.

Our creative approach is tried and tested - and we love to learn about new obstacles for which we can explore ground breaking creative solutions.  

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.

Theodore Levitt

At our core, RedCity™ Creative is a "design centered" agency - we're sorta design snobs. We melt over well designed products and communications and are always seeking new and interesting ways to incorporate good design into all our work. 

Design itself is universal and must accomplish a rigid and measurable goal - otherwise it's just "pretty stuff" that serves no real purpose. If your design materials aren't performing, what's the point? All design decisions should be motivated by the end goal and good designs will do so while remaining simple and direct. At RedCity™ Creative, we have had experience designing all sorts of stuff - new brands from the ground up,  product packaging, websites, entire digital and traditional campaigns - you name it...

Each is approach with a keen sense of "design" to not only look great, but also to function as intended and optimally.

When trying to do so much, you need to work smarter and not harder. As such, we are constantly looking to innovate new and value-added solutions for every brand with which we work. Perhaps your communications "sweet spot" is Instagram, or maybe your audience responds best to Direct Mail or personalized correspondence - we are always looking to try new and interesting ways to engage your audience backed with experience and an innovative spirit.

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.

Roger Staubach

The term "craft" is the primary characteristic in our holistic approach to advertising and marketing production. Craft in this industry is, quite literally, in the little details - the details that take a project from being "good" to being "outstanding" or "exceptional!"

Front to back RedCity™ Creative is focused on the "craft" of communication. Yes, of course, that means we do great work! But it also means we are great people who have great relationships with great clients. We hold ourselves to a high standard of client care - absolute honesty, complete transparancy, impeccable professionalism and approachability. We approach all client relationships from a  "spirit of service" and not a "spirit of profit".


To us, "craft" means the ongoing study and adoption of industry standards and best practices as well as practical application on ALL projects - no matter how big or small - to ensure that every RedCity™ Creative customer gets the world class product and experience that we promise and that our brand is built on.

We believe in products and services  that work and work well. We believe in doing it right. We believe in over delivering on our promises to our clients so that that they can over deliver on their promises to theirs. RedCity™ Creative delivers a business relationship and customer experience second to none.